Title: A Praise Chorus
Artist: Jimmy Eat World
Played: 42 times


Jenny Holzer — Blue Corner Five, 2003.

Title: Heavy Feet
Artist: Local Natives
Played: 4099 times
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Pete Davidson On Jimmy Kimmel Live

New SNL featured player seems mighty promising!

I just got out of my first relationship. I’m very happy. I am. ‘Cause she wanted to get married, and I was like, “No, I have acne. We can’t.” I’m still in between acne creams right now. I can’t even commit to an acne cream.

the weirdest things make me cry

also today someone whose opinion I value and respect told me with complete sincerity she’s always thought I was REALLY pretty….closest I’ve ever felt to believing it

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We goin’ in

The Singing Butler (1992), Jack Vettriano / Drunk In Love, Beyoncé ft. Jay-Z

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London Fashion Week street style Spring 2015.

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Eventually you’ll get tired of spilling your love all over the place. Be smart about who and what you are pouring into.
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Get in